Within CIPES’s main issues – Politics, Economy and Society – our research is based on 4 broad themes that allow our researchers to develop their individual projects, but at the same time keeping the unity and scientific coherence of the overall CIPES project.

Our 4 research themes are:

Public Security vs Private Security

Our research about Security will focus on the borders between public and private security, given the profound changes that are taking place in the political system and the need to redefine the role of the State in society as a result of globalization, limited public financial resources and the relevance of ICTs in social processes.


Diogo Pires Auélio and Sérgio Vieira da Silva

Research Team

  • Adelino Soares
  • Alexandra Campos
  • Álvaro Dias
  • André Rodrigues
  • António de Almeida Tomé
  • António Freitas
  • António Nunes
  • Bruno Antunes
  • Carlos Reis
  • César Santos
  • Daniel Salvado
  • Diogo Pires Aurélio
  • Eduardo Baceira
  • Fernando Campos
  • Francisco Rodrigues
  • João Paupério
  • Jorge Batalha
  • José Carlos Calazans
  • José Goulão Marques
  • Manuel Lage
  • Manuel Gonçalves Martins
  • Paulo Finuras
  • Paulo Macedo
  • Pedro Folgado
  • Rui Silva
  • Sérgio Cruz
  • Sérgio Vieira da Silva
  • Silvia Mangerona
  • Vasco Rato

Non-Partisan Political Movements

The appearance of alternative political movements responds to changes at national, European and world level, to the crisis of the traditional party system, known as the crisis of representation, and to the emergence of instruments of self-organization and self-mobilization of citizenship, namely by the expansion of the network, information technologies and social networks. This area of research studies Non-Partisan Political Movements in Portugal and other alternative political movements in Europe.


José Filipe Pinto and João de Almeida Santos

Research Team

  • António Gameiro
  • Diogo Morais
  • Eduardo Miranda
  • Elias Quadros
  • Fernanda Neutel
  • Fernanda Pereira
  • João de Almeida Santos
  • José Carochinho
  • José Filipe Pinto

Knowledge Society, Networks and ICT: A new Paradigm for the 21st Century

Aiming to know the impact of the Network and the TICs in contemporary society, this area of research is articulated in several fronts of research: a) digitalization and impact on employment and labor relations; b) changes in the Policy, in the relationship between the State and Citizenship; c) the impact on social and human relations, in general, in particular on its integrative function, but also on its disruptive function.


Ana Lorga da Silva, Rui Duarte Moura and Artur Parreira

Research Team

  • Ana Lorga
  • António Costa
  • Artur Parreira
  • Cátia Rosário
  • Célia Taborda
  • Cristina Santos
  • Elisabete Costa
  • Fernanda Neutel
  • Francisco Martínez-Castañeda
  • Helena Mendonça
  • José Brissos Lino
  • Rui Duarte Moura
  • Sónia Vladmira
  • Teotónio R. Souza

Development Strategies for Low-Density Territories

Our aim is to analyse, debate and find development strategies for two low-density territories in Portugal: Central Alentejo and Beira and Serra da Estrela. Our research activities will be done in partnership with the Intermunicipal Comunities from both regions CIMAC, at Central Alentejo, and CIMBSE, at Beiras and Serra da Estrela. We will also analyse the efficiency of their political model.


Eduardo Sarmento, Ana Brasão and Eduardo Figueira

Research Team

  • Álvaro Dias
  • Ana Brasão
  • António Costa
  • Carlos Capelo
  • Cátia de Sousa
  • Cristina Duarte
  • Eduardo Figueira
  • Eduardo Sarmento
  • Felipa Reis
  • Fernanda Neutel
  • João de Almeida Santos
  • José Brissos Lino
  • José Fialho
  • Luisa Desmet
  • Manuel Antunes
  • Rui Silva
  • Tcherno Djalo