Silvia Mangerona

Sílvia Mangerona holds a master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Institute of Political Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University and a degree in Political Science from the International University. She specialized in journalism at CENJOR and was a communications adviser. She has been a university professor since 1998. She is a member of APCP – Associação Portuguesa de Ciência Política, and APorEP – Associação Portuguesa de Estudos de Protocolo.

Her research interests are in the areas of Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Protocol.

Main Publications

  • Mangerona, S. & Folgado, P. (2016) Protocolo e Segurança. ResPublica, n.16, 233-245.
  • Mangerona, S. (2013) Maquiavel e a Religião: O Temor a Deus Como Instrumento Político. ResPublica, n.13, 135-146.
  • Mangerona, S. (2011) Esquerda-Direita: Uma Dicotomia Actual ou Anacrónica. ResPublica, n.11, 67-76.