Rui Miguel Entradas Silva

Rui Miguel Entradas Silva holds a Ph.D. in Company Economics from the Autónoma University of Lisbon. He is currently an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree in Human Resource Management at ISG.

His research interests spread through various subjects related to low-density territories and poor regions. Also, he does research on Private Security issues.

Main Publications

  • Silva, Rui & Dias, Álvaro. (2017). “Supplier Selection Process-Towards a Multi- Criteria Decision Making Model for Manned Guarding Services”. Journal of Management Research, 9(2), 171-186.
  • Silva, Rui & Dias, Álvaro (2016). “The Role of Organizational Training on Organizational Commitment. The Case of Private Security Employees Working Remotely”. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, v. 5, n. 8, p. 14-30
  • Dias, Álvaro & Silva, Rui (2016). “Organizational Training and Organizational Commitment: A Literature Review and Conceptual Development”, International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology 3, 1:387 – 399
  • Silva, Rui & Dias, Álvaro (2015). Segurança Privada em Portugal. Lisboa.