Paulo Finuras

Paulo Finuras holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Lusófona University. He is currently an Invited Lecturer at ISG Busines & Economics School. He is Executive Director of PF Consultancy, dedicated to the Training of Managers in the field of Management of Cultural Differences, Confidence Factor in Leadership and dual-leadership. He has been Associate Partner of Hofstde Insights in Finland since 1999.

His research interests are Biopolitics, Cultural Differences, State Emergency and Democracy, Trust in Organizations and Institutions, and Evolution and Leadership.

Main Publications 

  • Finuras, P. (2018). Bioliderança: porque seguimos quem seguimos? Lisboa: Ed. Sílabo.
  • Finuras, P. (2016). Globalização e Diferenças Culturais. Lisboa: Ed. Sílabo.
  • Finuras, P. (2015). Primatas Culturais – Evolução e Natureza Humana. Lisboa: Ed. Sílabo.
  • Finuras, P. (2014). Em quem confiamos? Valores Cultrais e (Des) Confiança nas Instituições. Ed. Silabo.
  • Finuras, P. (2013). O Dilema da Confiança. Lisboa: Ed. Sílabo.