Fernanda Neutel

Fernanda Neutel has a Ph.D. degree in Political Science / European Studies from Leeds University. She has a Masters in “Modern International Studies” by the same University. At the present, she is a Professor at Lusófona University, where she is the Director of Undergraduate European Studies and International Relations course.

Her research focus spread over the following areas: Institutional dynamics of the European Union; Democracy and Governance; Political parties; European Policies and its Impact in Europe; Elites and Democracy; The Role of Elites in the European Integration; Changes in the International Political System; Theoretical approach to European integration; The World after the Cold War; formation and (de)formation of states; Building communities; The impact of New Technologies / Social Networks; The Crisis in the European Union and the Role of the European Institutions; Federalism / Federalism in Europe / Federalism in the World; European Governance / Global Governance; Transnational political movements; A European party; Citizen Movements; Political Movements of Transnational Citizens.

Main Publications 

  • Neutel, F. (2018) The European Union challenges for the Future: making concessions or moving forward? In Focacci, A., Pawlicz, A., Cebeci, K., Goyal, T., (editors), MIRDEC- Social Sciences, Multidisciplinary, Economics, Business and Finance Studies, Full Papers Series (pp. 3-12). Istanbul: Mirdec Publishing.
  • Neutel, F.  & Carochinho, J.A. (2017) Os Movimentos Autárquicos não-partidários: Forças de Mudança? Os casos de Estremoz e Alandroal, Revista ResPublica, nª 17, pp. 87-102.
  • Neutel, F.  (2015) A Emergência de Partidos Políticos a Nível Europeu: uma utopia possível. Revista ResPublica , nª 14, pp. 217-237.
  • Neutel, F.  (2015) Pushing the Union forward? The role of the European Parliament in the European Union’s crisis. In Demetriou, Kyriakos, (eds) The European Union in Crisis: Explorations in Representation and Democratic Legitimacy (p. 155-177). Basel: Springer Verlag Academic Publishers.
  • Neutel, F. (2004) Portugal in the European Union The integration of the Portuguese MEPs in the European Parliament. Lisboa: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas.