Eduardo Figueira

Eduardo Figueira is a Bachelor in Agronomy (1974) from the University of Luanda, Angola. He holds a Master’s (1984), and a Ph.D.  (1987) in Continuing and Vocational Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, and later another Ph.D. in Rural Development and Extension (2005) from the University of Évora. He is currently a Professor at Lusófona University, where he is the Director of the Graduate Program in Social and Solidarity Economy and Local Development and the MBA in Rural Extension.

His areas of scientific interest are Adult Education, with special emphasis on adult participation in continuing vocational training; local development, particularly in low-density areas; social and solidarity economy, especially in terms of local economies, employability and gender equality.

Main Publications

  • Figueira, E. (2017) Desenvolvimento Local, Ruralidade e Regionalização: Problemáticas analisadas a partir das realidades Alentejanas. Seatle: Amazon.
  • Figueira, E. (2017) Seven Steps for building local Development. Montoito: Aliende (em co-autoria com Jorge Coelho).
  • Figueira, E. (2016) The Role of Vocational Training Centers in Local Development Process. The case of the urban district of Samba, Luanda, Angola. Proceedings of the ESREA 2016 Conference, Maynooth, Ireland.
  • Figueira, E. (2014) Past, Present and Future of VET Research in Portugal. Proceedings of the ECER VETNET Conference, Porto.
  • Figueira, E. (2012) The Entrepreneurship Subject in the Portuguese Education System. In Matthias Pilz, Susanne Berger & Roy Canning (Edts), (2012). Fit for Business, pp 177-190. Cologne, Germany: Springer.