Célia Taborda

Célia Taborda Silva holds a Ph.D. in Contemporary History from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Lusófona University of Porto.

Her research interests are Contemporary Political and Social History, Social Movements, collective action and democracy.

Main Publications

  • Silva, C.T (2014). Social Movements in Contemporary Portugal. European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research (EJSER). Vol.1, nº2. August 2014. Rottenburg: European Center for Science Education and Research, pp.36-43.
  • Silva, C.T (2015). Worker’s protests in Northern Portugal in the transition from the monarchy to the I Republic. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (Scopus index MJSS). Vol.6, nº2., S5, April 2015. Rome: Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, pp.115-119.
  • Babo, I., Silva, C.T (2015) Public Sphere and collective Action. The Portuguese Movement of the “15th September”. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, nº 6., S5, December 2015. Rome: MCSER publishing, pp.425-435.
  • Silva, C. (2016). Movimentos sociais: um dos grandes desafios do espaço europeu? In Helena Pina, Conceição Ramos, Paula Remoaldo (Orgs). Grandes problemáticas do espaço europeu – Repensar os Problemas Sócioeconómicos e Ambientais e as Políticas de Desenvolvimento Territorial. Porto: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.
  • Babo, I., Silva, C.T. (2017). Social networks and civic mobilisations (Portugal, 2012). Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Vol.6, nº2, S1, 49-58. Rome: Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research.