Cátia Sousa

Cátia Sofia Duarte Sousa holds a Ph.D. in Economics and she is as an assistant professor at Escola das Ciências Económicas e das Organizações, Universidade Lusófona, since 2009/2010, where she taughts several Economics subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Since 2017/2018 she also lectures at ISCTE-IUL, as invited assistant professor.

Main research interests: environmental and natural resource economics, particularly in the fields of energy consumption, environmental impacts and economic growth, and energy efficiency in buildings.

Main Publications

  • Sousa, C., Roseta-Palma, C. and Martins, L. (2015). Economic growth and transport: On the road to sustainability. Natural Resources Forum, 39(1): 3 -14
  • Sousa C. & Cabugueira M. (2010). Optimization proposal of the RES-E support model in Portugal: comparison of the Portuguese, Spanish and German models. In: Proceedings: Advances in Energy Studies 2010. Can We Break the Addiction to Fossil Energy? 7th Biennial International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies.