Ana Lorga da Silva

Ana Lorga da Silva holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in Economics and Management from the University of Lisbon and Informatics from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. She was Professor at ISEG between 1991 and 2002, director of CPES between 2017 and 2018. Currently, she is a Professor at the Lusófona University.

In addition to Data Science, its area of research encompasses application to Sociology, Economics, Management, Psychology, and Veterinary.

Main Publications

  • Parreira, A & Silva, A. L. (2016). The use of numerical value of adverbs of quantity and frequency in the measurement of behavior patterns: transforming ordinal scales into interval scales. Revista Ensaio – Avaliação e Políticas Públicas em Educação, n.º 90, jan./mar., 109-126.
  • Parreira, A. & Silva, A. L. (2015). A Lógica Complexa da Avaliação. Ensaio: aval. pol. públ. Educ., v. 23, n. 87, abr./jun. 2015, 367-388.
  • Silva, A. L. (2010). Uma Visão Geral sobre Dados Omissos. In Investigação e Prática em Economia (pp. 49-68). Parede: Principia Editora.
  • Silva, A. L.; Saporta, G. & Bacelar-Nicolau, H. (2004). Missing data and imputation methods in partition of variables. In Classification, Clustering and Data Mining Applications (pp.631-637). New York: Springer Publishing.
  • Silva, A. L.; Bacelar-Nicolau, H. & Saporta, G. (2002). Missing Data in Hierarchical Classification of Variables – a Simulation Study, Classification Clustering and Data Analysis. In: Data Analysis, Classification and Related Methods (pp.121-128). New York: Springer Publishing.